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The Kitchen: (405) 609-8633 | The Bryant Center: (405) 605-3022 | B&B Catering: (405) 427-7675

Simply Good Soul Food
"Providing an exceptional food service experience in everything we do.”
We’re not cooking fast food, we’re cooking Soul Food, fresh everyday
The Kitchen By B&B Catering is our casual dining restaurant established in 2020 because of COVID

The Kitchen is Open

The Kitchen was born from COVID-19! We've been in the Catering & Special Event Industry for over 20 years before COVID-19 hit. Since everything was shut down and businesses began working from home, we no longer had a client base to service. Luckily for us, our customers still wanted our good food; therefore, we opened The Kitchen by B&B Catering on November 1, 2020.

To provide Simply Good Soul Food for the soul and stomach!

What sets us apart? The Love and Care that we put into our dishes. Our recipes come from my grandmother, Katie Darling, mother Ruby Darling and myself, Chef Demetra "Mimi", basically 3 generations of real Soul Food! There are not very many restaurants which cook fresh to order or scratch meats & vegetable dishes any longer. Soul Food is derived from the South, which is a long slow process, yet worth every second of it. Our Fried Chicken is marinated in a brine overnight. Our smothered pork chops are simmered in a mushroom onion gravy for 2 hours. We wash and “pick” collard and mustard greens almost daily. Our sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes are hand peeled. We also offer vegan & vegetarian friendly options as well. Our Shrimp 'n Grits will blow your mind while the Greens are exceptionally delicious!