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B&B Catering is our catering company established in 2002

If you are looking for home-cooked food in and around Oklahoma, look no further than B&B Catering. We are known for being flexible to almost any catering need or last-minute request. We request you to tell us at least a couple of days or hours before maintaining timely services.


Who We Are

We are culinary arts experts specializing in catering and restaurant ordering services. Our food is homemade and freshly served. All the items requested by the customer are made with fresh ingredients.

Demetra and a party

My Story

B&B Catering was named after the mother-daughter team, Ruby Booze and Demetra Bailey. We were founded on May 29, 2002. We are affectionately known as ‘The Queen B & Baby B.’

"Look at us now. We cater to anything and everything from Collard Greens to Caviar and everything in between. We know that good food and great service are an integral part of the catering industry. We believe in superior service, fresh ingredients, exceptional value, committed leadership & being blessed to serve each client in & out of our community."


catering setup

Celebrations & Events

Enjoy delicious catering for corporate drop-offs, weddings, engagements, and other events. Allow us to serve the food while you focus on celebrating with your friends and family over the specially selected menu that we have for you.

Do you have dietary concerns? B&B Catering can prepare gluten-free, organic, vegan, and vegetarian meal options for takeout. Drop us a line, and we'll get back to you soon.

Special requests? Let us cater to your special occasion.

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